Play Color Eyes #Dusty Cat


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-An exclusive collaboration with K-Beauty Youtuber LEO J!

Key Benefits:
-An eyeshadow palette inspired by a cat and specially designed to suit cool tones. This palette is perfect for your everyday cool-tone makeup look!
-Featuring 9 shades of cat-inspired grey-mauve-brown colour that is perfect for base, undereyes, contouring and corners.
-Texture feels like Jelly Paws Smoothly adhering “Soft Matte Type” & Clear and moist “Jelly Glitter Type”

How to apply:
-Use your finger or brush to gently spread it around your eyes.
-When applying high glitter pearl shadow, use your finger for more adhesive result.
-There is no limit on applying it! You can apply it as the main color all over the eyelids, giving it a tear effect on the underline, or putting it on as a bling point!

-1 Palette (0.8g x 9 shades) + 1 Matching Brush