Fixing Tint

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#01 Analog Rose
#02 Vintage Red
#03 Mellow Peach
#04 Ginger Milk Tea
#05 Midnight Mauve
#06 Soft Walnut
#07 Cranberry Plum
#08 Dusty Beige

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Etude Fixing Tint is a super viral lip tint collection during this pandemic due to its special feature - #Maskproof #Transferproof #Hydromatte

Key Features:
1. Zero Transfer on Masks (60 seconds after application)
2. Hydrating & Lightweight
3. Matte Finish
4. Enriched with Vitamin E

Available in 5 Colours & 3 NEW Shades!

Two Ways of Using Etude Fixing Lip Tint
1. For full-lip coverage: Apply along lip line and all over lips.
2. Gradient lips: Apply from center of lips and blend outwards