Better Lips-Talk Velvet

RM19.20 RM48.00
BE102 Darling Beige
BE103 Kinda Nude
BE119 Orange Bianco
BR403 Chilling Chili
OR204 Pink Muhly
RD302 Oh Ruby
BE105 Dusty Peach
BE109 Lovable Beige
BR402 Love Rosy
BR404 Frightened Red
OR201 Retrose
PK001 Lonely Pink
PK003 Mood Up
RD312 Cold Red
RD313 Wannabe Red
BE101 Soft Lace
BR405 Mauve On
BR406 Halo Halloween
OR202 Mandarin Peach
OR203 Sugar Whip
OR205 Peach On Top
OR206 Captain Candy
PK002 Mink Pink
PK004 Wild Flower
RD301 Burning Fire
OR207 Orange Boom
PK007 Pink Brownie
OR208 Amber Lover

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Velvet Lips-Talk gives vivid color and adheres lightly to the lips with matte finish.